The River Thames is also known as the River Isis, and it’s the longest river in England. Fortunately, this magnificent body of water navigates through the Kingston area, giving residents and hotel guests a breath-taking view.

Take a boat ride and explore Kingston from the water-side of things. Follow the vessel as it navigates the waterways and shows you Kingston from a different angle. Or, you could try a more active approach to navigating the waterways. The Thames is considered the heart of several water-based sports in the UK, including rowing. Therefore, guests who are open to the activity can reach out to the Kingston rowing club and get right to it. The Kingston Hotel is a walking distance from the river, so guests can relax in their rooms or by the river’s banks.

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Visit the boutiques, bookstores, and malls. Discover the unique spark that makes Kingston one of the scenic places in London.

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Dazzle your friends and family with an entertaining evening. Take a trip to the local theatre to catch a performance from local thespians.

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Cinemaphiles will have a long and riveting assortment of movies to choose from, watchable at any one of several cinemas in the Kingston area.


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